The Digital Marketing Stack

Having been a Marketing tags implementation and tool integrations specialist for 3 years, I encountered the mentions of different AdTech and MarTech platform tags like Floodlight, Mediaplex, Bing Ads, Facebook Pixels, Hotjar, Crazy Egg etc., As my core focus was implementing web and app analytics tags using Tag Management tools, implementing the tags of other tools was part of scope. This involved leveraging of DataLayer where needed with basic understanding of what each tools meant.

Understanding of the entire Digital marketing ecosystem beyond just web, app analytics and experiments tools helps in Tag implementation and maintenance efficient.

AdTech and MarTech Tools

Understanding the ecosystem becomes easier if the AdTech and MarTech can be visualized correctly. AdTech tools are used for advertising on paid media channels like search, display, video or social media.

On the other hand, MarTech tools are used to run on-site marketing campaigns on owned channels like like e-mail, on-site banners and supporting tools for web analytics, A/B testing, personalization etc.,

These tools have to be integrated and used for an effective Digital marketing program. This will enable access to many data points and allow specific targeting of audiences.

Website and App are the core component

Simple way of understanding the ecosystem is to position website/app as the core, where conversions happen. AdTech tools bring new visitors or returning targeted visitors to the website/app while MarTech tools help in on-site or in-app activities.


These tools are integrated and instrumented via tags, API and custom file uploads as a part of Digital Marketing. AdTech stack has a data flow between its components that will help in understanding the marketing stack better. It can be understood in the forthcoming blogs of this series.

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