Aligning Social Media to Business goals

Having mere presence in social media makes no sense to a brand. It is just a waste of productivity and human resources involved behind it. Any organization must have a Goal and Target with respect to its presence in Social Media.

Goal: This is the brand’s desired end point. For example, Increase net new transacting customers.

Target: This is a specific value set to the goal with a finite time frame. For example, 100 net new customers in next 2 months.

Once, the goal and target is fixed, then the strategy and tactics should be identified to achieve the target.

Strategy: A strategy is the plan designed to achieve the goal/target. For example, considering above set goal, the strategy is to Use Facebook to increase reach and prospect to customers.

Tactics: This is the way with which strategy will be carried out. For example, the above said strategy is implemented by providing a discount on 1st purchase of all new connections on Facebook and another discount on second purchase for whoever shares the offer post in their timeline.

“Objectives should dictate Tactics. Not the reverse!”

So, Its always a good practice to first set goal, target and then turn to social media with a strategy and tactics to execute it. In this way, the social media team also get a clear picture about their task. Hence, productivity can be ensured!

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